About me


looking > drawing/painting > seeing

Put as simply as possible, I draw and paint to be connected to the landscape through the act of seeing.

Drawing and painting turn looking into seeing.

The importance of this process is described wonderfully by Frederick Franck in his book, Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing: Meditation in Action.

In art, as in life, fashions come and go. Drawing and painting based on observation of one’s surroundings are not currently fashionable in the visual arts. The camera has taken away any need for art to “copy” nature. But it is also true that the eye and the camera do not see in the same way. Where the lens/sensor looks and records, the eye/brain perceives and interprets.

I hope you will enjoy my “interpretations” of the landscapes that have inspired me to paint them.

Finally, I owe thanks to Sarah, who is patient and wise, without whose love, encouragement and creative insights, I would not have picked up, nor would continue to wield, a pencil or paintbrush.